Luas launch new safety campaign

2019 marks the fifteenth anniversary of Dublin’s Luas light rail system – with service starting on the last day of June 2004 – and despite the fact that other road users should by now be used to the trams running there are still many collisions and near misses with not only vehicles but also pedestrians. To try and improve this situation Luas have launched a new safety campaign warning motorists, pedestrians and cyclists that “only seconds could change their life”.

As part of the campaign Luas have released a new video (available on YouTube) which shows some of the terrifying near misses experienced on the network in recent times. This includes pedestrians now looking up and walking straight into the path of a tram, cyclists and other motorists jumping red lights to save a few minutes on their journey not realising they are about to collide with a tram.

Luas have given advice to all pedestrians, motorists and cyclists to try and stop them becoming just another statistic:

* Stay focussed

* Always look left and right before crossing Luas tracks

* Slow down coming up to traffic lights

* Don’t assume the tram is going to be able to stop instantly

* Familiarise yourself with the tram lines

* If you see a motorist break a red light – report it to An Garda Siochana

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