Changes at British Trams Online

Changes are part and parcel of life and this week sees a fairly significant change in the editorial team at British Trams Online as it will be the last week that Andrew Wadington will be writing for the website.

Andrew has been writing regularly for British Trams Online since 2011 (with other contributions previous to that) but as he himself puts it he has become disillusioned with the UK tram scene (particularly in Blackpool) and so wishes to take a break from writing on the subject.

I’d personally like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew for all the hard work he has put into the website over the years. There is no doubt that he is helped to make BTO the success it has become and he was instrumental in ensuring there were regular updates to these very news pages, especially in the time immediately following the introduction of this blog style news page. All the best for the future, Andrew!

Despite Andrew’s departure the website will continue as before and I will still seek to bring you all the news updates from across the British Isles with daily uploads to these news pages (don’t forget it was October 2017 the last time we had a day without an update, which either means I’m dedicated or have no life outside of BTO!). I am always on the look out for any topical or historic photos from across the UK for articles (including the Picture in Time series of archive images) and if anyone would ever like to contribute just drop an email to – I try to answer each and every email received so if you send an email and don’t get a response within a week the chances are I haven’t got it!

We are particularly looking for regular updates (with or without photos!) from Nottingham, Dublin and the Isle of Man but will accept submissions from any system within the British Isles. One comment I often get from people is “I’m sure you will have lots about xx subject” – the chances are I won’t as we do in fact only have a very small group of regular contributors and are always keen on increasing this pool. I would always rather have too much content than not enough!

Also if there is anyone out there who has ideas of new areas we could cover – including possible new subjects for photographic series or anything else on the overall website (after 16 years you start to run out of good ideas!) – please do get in touch! All feedback is always welcome, whether that be good, bad or indifferent – there is very little point in preparing content for the website if no-one wants it!

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5 Responses to Changes at British Trams Online

  1. David Maxwell says:

    I would just like to express thanks to Andrew for all the information and comment over the years I have been reading BTO and wish him well.

  2. David M says:

    Much appreciation for all the effort you have put in over the years Andrew, be assured that your input will be missed. Best wishes for your break and all that you do in future.

  3. Nigel Pennick says:

    Thankyou Andrew and best wishes for your valuable contributions to our knowledge of the tramway scene in the British Isles over the last 8 years and more.

  4. railtony says:

    I too would like to thank Andrew for the effort he has put in over the years and to wish him well in the future.

  5. Combustible No 2 says:

    Over the period I have been reading the information on this site I have appreciated the work and effort put in by both Andrew and Gareth. I for one will miss the input from Andrew and thank him very sincerely for that input, for keeping me informed and adding to my enjoyment of trams and tramway. Good luck in whatever venture you undertake in the future.

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