In Pictures: New safety features on Edinburgh Trams

Ever since the fatal accident when a pedestrian was hit by a tram at Saughton, Edinburgh Trams have been including extra safety features at pedestrian crossings across the network in order to make it as clear as possible to those crossing the tracks that they need to be alert. As well as new wooden barriers the standard Tramway Look Both Ways signs have been applied on the ground.

Wooden safety barriers have been installed at a number of pedestrian crossing points on the tramway in addition to the reduced speed limits at these points.

Additional warning signs have also been placed on the ground. (Both Photographs by John Hampton)

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  1. Bigalasdair says:

    OK but how do they solve the problem that is Princes Street where tourists often aimlessly cross the tracks gawping up at the castle, ignoring approachimng trams.

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