Crich on the outlook for new volunteer tram crew

Have you ever thought about becoming a tram conductor but haven’t know what to do about it? Well if you have now is your chance to volunteer at the Crich Tramway Village, home of the National Tramway Museum, with a campaign just launched for more tram crew to join the team.

Crich are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join the volunteer tram crew. Anyone who is of smart appearance with good customer skills and a minimum age of 16 is encouraged to apply. Full training will be given to successful applicants who will start as a conductor/guard responsible for the safety of passengers boarding and alighting, ticketing and assisting the tram driver. Then after two years as a qualified conductor, and if holding a full DVLA car licence for at least a year, you could apply to be a tram driver.

Discounted accommodation is available who travel from afar and the museum currently has over 150 volunteers from across the UK and Europe.

And who knows the volunteering may assist in full-time employment elsewhere thanks to the experience at Crich. One such person who ended up driving second generation trams after volunteering at Crich is Joseph Burberry who as well being a volunteer at Crich is a tram driver on Manchester Metrolink.

Joseph said: “I started volunteering in 2012 after an Ultimate Driving Experience at Crich. I started as a conductor, which is a great role because you get to meet so many new people and make some great friends at the same time. Even if you believe you are too shy to have a go at something like conducting, you’d be surprised at how doing a role like this can bring you out of your shell. The skills you learn here are great for any future career you go into within the railway industry. The skills and job experience I have gained while at Crich Tramway Village have helped me enormously to get my dream job at Manchester’s Metrolink. There aren’t many people who can say they had a licence to drive first generation trams before the second- generation trams. It’s a great thing to add to your C.V.!”

Anyone interested in volunteering can email

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