In Pictures: Edinburgh 272 gets a new advert

No sooner had we reported that Edinburgh Trams 272 was back in full fleet livery than its received a new advert. 272 has now received the annual Royal Highland Show and associated Education Trust adverts ahead of the show which takes place a stones throw from Ingliston Park and Ride between 20th and 23rd June 2019. Roy Calderwood with photos of the new look for the tram.

One side of the tram has the main advert for the Royal Highland Show (20th to 23rd June at the Royal Highland Centre) featuring a white base and an image of a stunning Highland Cattle and other views from previous shows. The other side uses much brighter colours – a nice orange background – and features publicity for the Royal Highland Education Trust. As with all other adverts in Edinburgh only the third and fifth sections of the tram have full height vinyls with the remainder of the tram being just above the windows.

272 heads off to the Airport from York Place showing its new – very orange! – advert for the Royal Highland Education Trust.

Another view of the Education Trust side of the advert.

The full effect of the Education Trust advert is seen here on 272 as its about to enter the underpass under the A8 between Edinburgh Gateway and Gyle Centre. Also captured here is 263 which has come through the underpass and is going round the curve to Edinburgh Gateway. Gogar Roundabout is seen above the tramway which gives access to the city bypass, Gyle Centre and South Gyle, Edinburgh Business Park, city centre, tram depot and Edinburgh Gateway station.

And the other sides more sedate advert for the show itself. Seen here at St Andrew Square.

One of the full height adverts on the Show side of the advert.

And the other full height advert features this stunning Highland Cattle. (All Photographs by Roy Calderwood)

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