In Pictures: Behind the Scenes at Derby Castle Sheds

One of the highlights of practically any tram event is the chance to see “behind the scenes” of a depot whether that be on the Isle of Man at Derby Castle or Laxey or at Blackpool’s Rigby Road Depot. And Rush Hour on the Railways was no different with tours of Derby Castle Sheds available to a lucky few. In this article we take a look at what was available for viewing and with the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway unable to take much part in the main event their trams – still stored at Derby Castle – also got in on the act!

It’s not all about the actual trams of course. Here we see a couple of spare motors ready to be fitted to trams if required quickly.

With Winter Saloon 19 currently lifted for works attention (see below!) its wheels and bogies are being worked on and this is them.

Winter Saloon 21 was missing for a lot of the latter period of the 2018 season with a fault and during the depot visit was seen on the so-called Hospital road. Trailer 62 is alongside.

Winter Saloon 22 is seen alongside no. 1 inside the shed.

As we mentioned above 19 is currently lifted as can be seen here.

Two more trams not required for service are seen here: 20 and 2.

With the horse trams not yet able to run along the Prom the operational tramcars were displayed in Derby Castle Sheds Yard – their home for the winter. In this image we see six truly stunning vehicles: 45, 42, 36, 18, 27 and 29.

A close-up of the left-hand side of the line-up with 45, 42 and 36 all present.

And then the far right-hand side which includes (nearest the camera) the latest tram to enjoy a major overhaul, 29 – and it looks absolutely stunning! It is joined by fellow enclosed Saloon 27 and double decker 18.

Let’s take a moment to enjoy the high quality workmanship in the interior of 27.

This is the similarly stunning interior of 29. (Photographs x11 by David Maxwell, 22nd April 2019)

In this photo we again take a look at the right hand side of the line-up with 18 and the truly stunning pair of 27 and 29.

And one final view showing 45, 42 and 36 in the yard at Derby Castle. (Photographs x2 by Deborah Watterson, 22nd April 2019)

Photos of horse trams taken with permission of Stephen Hall.

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