All the Stations do Luas as they head to Ireland

Back in 2017 Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall embarked on a quest to visit all 2,563 railway stations in Great Britain completing not only a series of videos on You Tube but also a best selling book to show their mammoth effort. Move forward to 2019 as they are now in Ireland attempting to do the same plus the addition of covering the entire Luas network and its 67 tramstops.

The idea of All the Stations is to cover all the stations – or in this case stops – on the network but they don’t have to get off at each stop but the tram does need to stop there or not to be running non-stop (not really an issue for trams which stop at each stop of course!). It look them around five hours to cover the whole network including all of the Green and Red lines and a video of their efforts is now available on You Tube. Their aim to cover the whole railway in Ireland and Northern Ireland continues and updates can be seen on their website.

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