Punctuality up, reliability down on Metrolink

The latest performance statistics of Manchester Metrolink have been released ad whilst the figures remain fairly consistent they have shown an increase in punctuality with a small decrease in reliability. These figures relate to two four week periods from 9th December 2018 to 5th January 2019 and 6th January to 2nd February 2019.

On Punctuality and in the first period 89.8% of all trams departed less than two minute late, up from 89.3% in the previous period. Then in the latest period a further increase was seen with a figure of 91.3% recorded – almost bringing it up to the period 6 high of 91.4%. The Altrincham line was top of the individual line figures in both periods (94.8% and 95.5%) with the Eccles line lowest in the first period (86.5%) and then the Airport line saw 88% in period 11 of the financial year.

Reliability remained fairly consistent with 99.4% of all planned miles operated in period 10 and a further slight decrease to 99.2% in period 11 – this a small fall from the previous two periods when it was at 99.7%. Once again there are differences between the lines with period 10’s top of the class being both the Altrincham and Bury lines at 99.6% whilst period 11 saw the East Didsbury line hit 99.8%. At the other end of the scale Ashton-under-Lyne and East Didsbury lines saw 99% of planned miles running in period 10 with the Eccles line coming bottom in period 11 with 97.7%.

Meanwhile in period 10 just 0.13% of journeys were cancelled with 0.79% of all planned services being turned short of their originally planned destination whilst the same figures for period 11 were 0.49% and 0.42% respectively.

The usual incidents impacting on performance were experienced during these two periods including a number of road vehicles blocking the tracks (with Barlow Moor Road hit twice in three days in mid-December and Baguley twice in four days in January) plus overhead line faults at both Shudehill, Velopark and between MediaCityUK and Broadway (all on different days) and various operational incidents such as signalling faults. 30th January also saw disruption due to severe weather.

* The full statistics can be downloaded from the TfGM website.

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