New destination blinds for Manchester 765

When looking at the photos of Manchester 765 returning to action at Beamish following its move on loan from Heaton Park you probably can’t help but notice the lack of destination boxes and blinds. Well, there is a very good reason for this as the boxes are receiving some TLC and the chance is also being taken to update the blinds with the project the latest for destination blind guru, Peter Watts.

Featuring accurate and traditional Manchester tram destinations such as Belle Vue, Stretford Road, Football Match, Queens Road Depot and Special Car the new replica blinds also feature appropriate destinations whilst it is in operation at the Heaton Park Tramway. These feature Depot, Lakeside, Middleton Road and Driver under Instruction.

The blinds have been created by Peter Watts – well known for his high quality replica blinds seen on the heritage trams in Blackpool as well as on various other heritage vehicles around the country now – through his new subsidiary firm PWC Replica Blinds. You can see regular updates on his latest projects and just what goes on in creating these excellent blinds by visiting a new Facebook page.

The new blind for 765 seen in all its rolled out glory here. The Heaton Park Tramway specific destinations can all be found at the bottom of the image. (Photograph courtesy of PWC Replica Blinds)

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