Independent survey gives thumbs up to Luas Cross City extension

Having now being operational for a little over a year a recent independent survey has shown that the extension of the Luas green line – via the new Cross City line – is popular with those using it with a 97% overall satisfaction level recorded. Other key findings in the research has shown that 59% of those using the line were new users of Luas.

Opening in December 2017 the Cross City line – an extension of the Green line through to Broombridge – initially started with a few teething problems causing delays to other road traffic whilst the tram service had to be reduced at times, said to be because of how popular it had been with passengers. Since then it has settled down into a regular pattern of operation and this has been shown in the positive findings of this survey.

Of those using the line 59% consider themselves as new users of Luas with around a quarter of those immediately taking up travel by tram and the remainder following as the service has become embedded into Dublin’s public transport network. 46% of the total number of people transferred from other forms of transport but the remaining 54% are now making new journeys as a result of Luas.

The satisfaction rating of 97% is up there with the best systems in the British Isles. Of note here is that for those travelling from Broombridge into the city centre the number satisfied is 99% but going in the other direction it is only 93%.

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