Yet more vinyls in Manchester

It really does get difficult to keep up with all the vinyls applied to trams in Manchester with yet another tram now being treated to a new look recently. This time the tram in question is 3058 which has received special vinyls for “Catch the Moment”, a TfGM campaign seeking to encourage people to travel on Metrolink and share their images on social media for the chance to see them shared by TfGM or used on posters – or trams! For possibly the first time in recent times this is a full vinyl wrap which doesn’t see the windows completely covered with most of the advert confined to above and below the windows. The ends remain in standard fleet livery with the new vinyls featuring yellows, pinks and purples. This is the third different vinyl wrap to have been applied to 3058 with previous designs having been carried for Kayak and Sainsbury’s.

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