Power to go live in Edinburgh

As reported a few weeks ago, and now confirmed in yet another press release from the Council, the overhead power lines between Gogar Depot and Edinburgh Airport
will go live from Monday 26th November 2012 as another major milestone is reached in the project to bring trams back to the Scottish capital. Initially the testing will not involve a tram but it is anticipated that the first trams will be seen undertaking their own testing on this stretch of track within two to three weeks.

The first step will see the contractors commissioning the tram system – well for this 2.8km stretch anyway – and then once this has been completed trams will undergo extensive testing between Gogar Depot and the Airport still under the control of the contractors. It is then planned that the contractors will hand over “section B” to the Council sometime in March next year.

Cllr Lesley Hinds, Transport Convener on the Council, said: “These tests are a vital part of the development of Edinburgh’s tram system and it’s a clear indication that the project is progressing well. Trams are a safe method of transport but we realise that people will not be used to seeing them running. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to remind residents to be aware and to read the important safety advice. The tram route is really starting to take shape and it’s good to see this long stretch of track almost complete. I’m
looking forward to working with the contractors over a busy, productive 2013 and I’m confident that we’ll see good progress as we drive the project further towards completion.”

Keith Brown, Transport Minister, added: “It is greatly encouraging to  see the project evolving and sections nearing fruition, which is a clear indication of the benefits of partnership working. Following a turbulent spell, the people of Edinburgh are absolutely entitled to expect a more positive period of visible progress. Everyone involved is  committed to delivering this project that will increase public transport options for the public and visitors alike.”

It is currently anticipated that full system testing will commence in Spring 2014 before the first fare paying passengers are carried during the summer of the same year.

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2 Responses to Power to go live in Edinburgh

  1. Hopefully the Edinburgh system will prove as useful to its users and the residents of Ediburgh as have other British second generation tram systems. I whole heartedly believe, having seen the disruption caused by the construction of Croydon tram system and its subsequent rise in benefit to the Croydon area, that the Edinburgh trams will have a similar effect and the benefits of extensions will soon follow.

  2. Sorry, Nathan can’t agree ! The original concept saw trams planned from Airport, through Princes Street and on to Leith (Ocean Terminal). Truncated system Airport – St Andrews Square will merely compete with service 100 Airlink buses to City Centre and cannot generate any additional custom over buses with no incentives yet announced. There is no way that the chosen route can attract additional custom over buses.Moreover, fares will not compete with buses so it is questionable who will use the trams and why. Additionally, the route cannot generate further industrial development nor is it a tourist route. The only thing going for trams is the potential to create a cleaner/greener environment…… but at what cost ?

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