In Pictures: Metrolink Rochdale Town Centre extension

The Manchester Metrolink line through to Rochdale Railway Station may not yet have
been opened but already significant progress is being made on the extension of the line into Rochdale Town Centre. This photo update shows the latest progress on Drake Street in the town centre and show that the tracks are being laid at the side of the road rather than in the middle which means at the Wet Rake end there is a considerable distance between the lines.

This first view shows the junction between Drake Street and Oldham Road. (Photo:Ken Walker)

Another view down Drake Street with rails already in situ. (Photo: Ken Walker)

And we conclude with another view looking up Drake Street from the Esplanade . (Photo: Ken Walker)

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6 Responses to In Pictures: Metrolink Rochdale Town Centre extension

  1. Harold Hull says:

    The photograph captioned as being Yorkshire street in your article regarding thr Metrolink extension in Rochdale is in fact taken from the Esplanade in the town centre looking up Drake Street towards the previous photo. The line is not going onto Yorkshire Street which is behind and to the right of the of the camera, but will turn to the left of the camera and terminate near to the current bus station and civic offices which are due to be demolished and redeveloped.

    • Ken walker says:

      Correct. That was my mistake when I emailed the pics to Gareth, and is entirely my fault.I knew it was Drake Street but for some reason labelled it as Yorkshire Street. I didn’t think it would be long before someone put the record right!

  2. Mike Brookes says:

    It would be interesting to know when the trams will be running to Rochdale station. The original date I saw was November 2012; there has been no subsequent info.
    I am impressed with the progress but the information is poor.

    • Ken Walker says:

      The last update on the TfGM website on 22nd October stated that they hope to open the line to Shaw early in 2013, possibly January.

      “TfGM is working towards opening the new line to Shaw & Crompton first, which would not cause any delay to opening to Rochdale Rail Station.

      “In any event, services to Rochdale Rail Station are expected to open a few months later as further work is still required relating to the control system and commissioning.” So if it’s “a few months” after opening to Shaw, then I would say sometime between Easter and midsummer 2013 for Rochdale station at a guess.

  3. Ken Walker says:

    News on the Oldham / Shaw extension, not confirmed on Metrolink or TfGM websites as yet

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