In Pictures: Rochdale line Metrolink testing

Further testing has been taking place this week on the Rochdale extension of the Oldham and Rochdale lines with M5000s being seen stabled at Milnrow stop between their overnight sessions. 3057 has been a regular performer on these tests and has been joined
by both 3053 and 3053 with trams noted in situ both at the end of October and this past week. It is currently planned that trams will make it to Rochdale Railway Station in service sometime in the early part of 2013, although no exact dates have yet been given and it is believed there will be a phased opening with the section to Shaw and Crompton being the first to open.

3053 and 3057 are seen here in this view dated 24th October at Milnrow in between testing duties. (Photo: Ken Walker)

Moving on to 20th November and this time 3052 and 3057 are seen at Milnrow. (Photo: Ken Walker)

3052 at Milnrow on 20th November 2012. (Photo: Ken Walker)

And one final view of 3057 and 3052 at Milnrow. (Photo: Ken Walker)

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