In Pictures: East Anglia Transport Museum in July

In this pictorial article we take a visit to the East Anglia Transport Museum in Carlton Colville for some views of the trams in service on Sunday 8th July, which was the second day of the Electric Dreams event. On this sunny day the two trams in action were Blackpool 159 and Sheffield 513. Tony Sullivan provides the images.

Blackpool Standard 159 is seen here just leaving the Woodland track. Beyond the tram and gate can be seen the new land acquired by the museum for the major expansion which will see a new tram line amongst other developments.

Also seen coming out of the woods is Sheffield 513.

With a London trolleybus alongside Sheffield 513 waits at the Chapel Lane terminus.

159 has just left the terminus at the start of another journey along the tramway and passing the entrance to the depot. (All Photographs by Tony Sullivan, 8th July 2018)

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