Tramlink delays after car drives onto tracks

London Tramlink services saw delays on Friday 2nd November after a car managed to drive onto the tracks at Sandilands – with the driver apparently blaming her Sat-Nav for directing her there! Transport for London officials had to get the car moved out the way during which time no trams were able to run between Sandilands and Addiscombe after the incident happened during the evening rush hour at 1730. Unfortunately the incident was used by the RMT’s Bob Crow to make a point about cutbacks in security on the UK transport network although just how he thought these cutbacks could have prevented this incident is unknown.

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2 Responses to Tramlink delays after car drives onto tracks

  1. John Stewart says:

    The cause of this accident is pretty obvious – car driver drives likea pillock. I despair that the RMT members never seem to see how ridiculous Bob Crow’s so-forecastable pronouncements in such circumstances make the union look.

  2. Ken Walker says:

    Many car drivers are still not aware of the fact that a sat-nav is nothing more than an aid to navigation, and is not a substitute for using eyes and brain, as witnessed by the number of HGVs that strike low railway bridges because the driver thinks the sat-nav overrules the clearly displayed signs showing the height of such bridges. As for Mr Crow, there are many in the RMT who detest his attitude

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