In Pictures: Manchester Metrolink T68s in store

It will be four years since the last T68s ran in service on Manchester Metrolink in 2018 but despite that period there are still four (including one T68A) which are stored at Trafford Depot. Shortly before Christmas Kevin James went down to Trafford Depot and has provided us with the following photos showing the trams continued storage.

A head-on view showing two of the T68s in continued storage. On the right we see 1020 with the position of its Lancashire Fusilier crest and nameplates obviously apparently. On the back left is 1007 which retains its name stickers for the East Lancashire Railway. 1007 has been preserved by the Heaton Park Tramway but remains stored at Trafford Depot for now.

Another view showing 1007 and 1020. This time we also see the sole remaining T68, 2001, which is located behind 1020. (Both Photographs by Kevin James, 23rd December 2017)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Manchester Metrolink T68s in store

  1. tram man says:

    I was surprised to see a photo of 1007 out in the stabling yard at trafford depot,because for the last couple of years its been in dry storage inside trafford depot workshop on the unpowered road to protect it from the elements before its final move to Heaton park.Has there been a change of heart or is it just the new owners moving it to free up space in the workshop.Also whats happened to 1023 which was also in storage at trafford.