In Pictures: A windy day in Dudley

It isn’t just operating tramways who have trouble in the wind! On Sunday 22nd October the tram service was suspended at the Black Country Living Museum because of fears that the wind would dewire the tram and cause it to lose braking power. The day had seen the stunning double decker Wolverhampton 49 in service – top deck closed. Eventually the tram was replaced in service by a Wolverhampton trolleybus. These photos from Peter Narramore show the sights from the day.

Wolverhampton 49 waits with one of its last passenger loads of the day. Note the sign of the stairs which tells passengers they can’t go on top.

49 heads off into the sun.

Transportation was provided instead by Wolverhampton trolleybus DUK 833.

A number of items can be found stored around the museum site. This view shows a supply of old traction pole bases.

There are also several sets of wheels. Does anyone know where these came from? (All Photographs by Peter Narramore)

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4 Responses to In Pictures: A windy day in Dudley

  1. peter narramore says:

    Just to avoid any confusion, this was in fact last Sunday (22nd October)!

    • Gareth Prior says:

      That’s what happens when you write the article a week later after being on holiday! Article above has now been corrected with the right date.

  2. Matthew says:

    Even if the tram dewires the tram’s electric brake (and all other brakes) will still function as normal. The electric brake works on essentially using the motors as generators to create the braking force, and requires no power to do this from the overhead.

  3. peter narramore says:

    That was the explanation we were given for the tram being taken out of service. I’m not sure what braking system the tram is fitted with.

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