In Pictures: Speed restrictions in Blackpool

Coming less than a week after the previous storm, Brian made its presence felt over the weekend of 21st/22nd October although the damage caused and disruption to tramways was nowhere as near severe as that caused by Ophelia. In Blackpool high winds were experienced causing issues on the exposed coastal tramway.

Speed restrictions were introduced on the tramway as far north as Little Bispham which obviously meant that trams were taking longer to complete their journeys. Delays were seen across the timetable and in order to try and regain time some services were turned short – as illustrated below.

These two views show 014 at Fisherman’s Walk as it reverses having been terminated with a service from Starr Gate. In order to try and get back to timetable it did not run through to Fleetwood Ferry. (Both Photographs by Jim Smythe)

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