North Station extension works to commence this year?

Very little has been heard about the planned extension of the Blackpool tramway off the promenade to North Station up Talbot Road of late – but it appears that this may be about to change. An announcement made by Blackpool BID on 11th October appeared to indicate that work would be starting on the construction of the extension imminently, although oddly this since appears to have disappeared!

It was claimed that this year’s Christmas lights switch-on event in the town had had to be cancelled, due to the building works for the tram line from the promenade to North Station, with construction due to start after the illuminations. However, this statement now appears to have been removed from the Internet, and therefore it is hard to say how accurate it is! It may simply be the case that permission to release the information had not been given and it had been released prematurely, or there may still be some doubt as to when the work will start and whether or not this will affect the Christmas lights switch-on celebrations. Hopefully more definite news will be forthcoming soon, but any indication that this most exciting of developments is happening so soon is very welcome news indeed!

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