In Pictures: 26 leaves for repairs – Part Two!

The second half of Midland Metro’s Urbos 3 26 departed Wednesbury Depot for Wolverton Works on Thursday 21st September where it will be reunited with its other half for repair work to take place. The tram had derailed at the depot back in the summer with the damage severe enough to require it to be sent away for repairs.

The first half of the tram had left on Wednesday 20th September with this second half following at approximately 1145 on Thursday 21st September. No timescale is known for how long it will take to repair the damage.

The low loader pulls away from Wednesbury Depot with the second half of 26 on the back.

26 continues its journey.

The Allelys Heavy Haulage lorry pulls 26 away from Wednesbury.

One final view of 26 as it disappears away on the way to Wolverton. (All Photographs by Andy Walters)

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