Rail Map Online now featuring trams

Rail Map Online – an online resource of past and present railway maps – have recently started to add some tram routes to their website at http://railmaponline.com/. Recent additions have seen tram routes for the West Midlands now available along with the tramway in Rochester but there is so much more available to view.

Originally conceived to show historic and current railways across the UK, Europe and the United States recent months have seen an expansion to now include historic tramways. This started off with lines in the north west but recent weeks have seen further lines added.

If you are interested in seeing which lines are available please visit http://railmaponline.com/ and then click on the map of the UK. You can then select layers and click on Historic Trams – if you make sure this is the only option selected in green the map will only show tramways already added.

Contact details are available on the page so if you have any corrections or can provide further information to assist with this useful resource you can pass them on.

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