Car v trams in Croydon and Blackpool

The last few days have seen further incidences of trams being involved in collisions with cars in both Croydon and Blackpool. The latter system also saw a car abandoned on the tracks close to Cleveleys

Starting off in Blackpool a tram collided with a Vauxhall Astra at Rossall Square on Tuesday 11th July. This section of tramway has a number of road crossings and this was the South Strand crossing which is just before (or after depending on where you are coming from) the stop at Rossall Square. The collision happened at 0920 and no injuries were reported. Trams were suspended between Thornton Gate and Fleetwood Ferry until the scene was cleared.

This was just four days after a car had been abandoned on the tracks at Cleveleys. In what seems like a classic case of someone taking a wrong turn onto the reserved section of track the Seat Leon was discovered by a dog walker at 0400 with no sign of the owner. The car was removed at 0530 to allow for trams to run through the area again.

Meanwhile in Croydon a blue Subaru collided with CR4000 2550 close to Lloyd Park on Thursday 13th July. The tram was travelling eastbound from New Addington to Wimbledon when the collision happened with the driver’s door on the car suffering significant damage. The collision took place on a road crossing close to the entrance to Lloyd Park. The driver of the car suffered minor injuries with no trams able to run between Sandilands and Addington Village whilst the area was cleared. Trams were back up and running by 1815.

* In Nottingham there was a further incident on Tuesday 11th July when a man was hit by a tram in Old Market Square. This took place shortly before 0900 and the man was taken to hospital with what were reported to be minor injuries. Trams were suspended through the city centre until around 1030 when a full service with delays resumed.

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