TfGM seek views on Metrolink fare rises

It’s a subject which isn’t exactly going to get regular travellers on Manchester Metrolink jumping up and down with joy but fares on the network are set to rise from January 2018 – although by how much hasn’t been decided yet. A consultation has just been launched asking for passengers views on how the increases will be applied.

In recognition of the disruption caused by the major expansion work on Metrolink fares haven’t increased since January 2014 but now the increases which have been missed in this timeframe will need to be added to the fares, it’s just whether this happens in one swift move or over three years.

To keep up with inflation fares would normally expect to raise each year with the standard practice of an annual fare rise of RPI +1% applied to Manchester Metrolink. As from January 2018 this RPI +1% increase to fares will be applied each year but as three years of increases have been missed it is also considered important for this amount to also be added to the fares as from next year.

In the survey passengers are being offered two options:

* Fares are increased in one go

* The required increase is spread over three years

In both options this would be in addition to the 2018 fare rise of RPI +1%

Stephen Rhodes, Customer Director for Transport for Greater Manchester, said: “The money we get from fares goes back into the network – it also pays back the money we borrowed to expand the system. It also pays for day-to-day costs like drivers, maintenance and security. We recognised that the work to create a new line through the city would be felt by passengers and so we held off increasing fares while it was carried out. However, Metrolink covers its day-to-day operating costs without any public financial support. Having held fares for three years we now need to return them to the level they need to be at to ensure that Metrolink can continue to operate on a financially sustainable basis into the future. Metrolink fares continue to offer good value for money, particularly for season ticket holders, as well as providing an environmentally friendly way of getting around Greater Manchester.”

The survey can be accessed at and is open through until Friday 18th August.

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