Edinburgh Trams scores high for customer service

Edinburgh Trams has been named as one of the UK’s top transport operators for customer service. The Institute of Customer Service (ICS) undertook a survey earlier this year and awarded Edinburgh Trams a score of 85.8 – more than 11 points above the transport industry average.

The ICS highlighted the fact that tram passengers were most satisfied with the helpfulness and competence of staff. As well as considering overall satisfaction the survey also tracked other key aspects of the customer experience and found the tram easy to use when compared to other transport services.

Dean Anderson, Customer Experience Manager at Edinburgh Trams, said: “We’re delighted to have performed so well and the feedback reflects our commitment to putting customers right at the heart of our operations. With a ‘Customer Effort’ rating of 2.8 – whereby a lower score reflects less effort required by a customer to use a particular service – we compared very favourably with the wider industry, which had an average score of 4.9. The report also contained feedback from customers, and it’s a real bonus that words such as clean, quick, friendly, smooth, reliable and comfortable all featured prominently in their responses.”

In addition to the general scoring passengers were asked for general comments and more than 30% did so around extending the line. One such comment was “Extend the line – it’s great!”.

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  1. A McFarlane says:

    I would have to endorse comments re helpfulness. Today I was photographing around the Gateway complex. Whilst at west end of city bound platform crew going on duty thought I’d got lost and offered to give me directions. Yes, it may be a young system but generally tram staff are obliging !

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