Stagecoach Supertram service change: Sunday 16th & Monday 17th April

Services on Stagecoach Supertram will be affected by further works to connect the Supertram track to the Network Rail route to Rotherham over Easter with no trams able to run between Meadowhall South and Meadowhall Interchange on Sunday 16th and Monday 17th April. Buses will operate between these two stops with Yellow route trams only running from Middlewood to Meadowhall South, the Purple route will operate from Herdings Park to Cathedral. A Sunday service will be in operation on both days.

Work on the rest of the Tram Train line will also start from the Easter weekend with a key bridge in Rotherham being replaced. College Road bridge will be demolished to allow for a new higher one to be put into place so that the overhead wires can be installed safely underneath. College Road itself will be closed for 18 weeks from Friday 14th April until Friday 18th August.

Over the bank holiday weekend, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May to be exact, work will also be carried out to bring the signalling system into operation which will mean rail services will be diverted. As the year progresses the tramstops at Rotherham Central and Parkgate will also be fully constructed. It is still hoped the pilot will start in 2018.

Meanwhile a recent press release from SYPTE has confirmed that the Tram Train vehicles are continuing to be tested on the current Supertram network. This is the initial testing and mileage accumulation stage and driver training is due to commence “shortly” before the Citylink trams enter service this summer. Testing of the vehicles on the Network Rail line will follow later in the year.

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  1. Tom Irvin says:

    What is the plan please for turning trams at Meadowhall South? Are they to run empty to the start of the single line to reverse, or will they be running wrong line from Meadowhall South to the trailing crossover at Don Valley Stadium? Thanks in advance for any gen.

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