In Pictures: Sheffield tram-train construction

It may be the project which seems to be constantly delayed but despite that there is still some progress on bringing the UK tram-train pilot between Sheffield and Rotherham to fruition. In this pictorial update Glyn Hill provides photos from Rotherham Parkgate and Tinsley Viaduct.

Rotherham Parkgate footbridge has a new bridge section installed although the steps on either side still need attention.

The stop at Rotherham Parkgate under construction.

Another view of Rotherham Parkgate stop.

Taken from Tinsley Viaduct this view shows that some overhead line masts are in place.

Another view from Tinsley Viaduct with some progress being made to the track here.

One final look from Tinsley Viaduct with a connection still awaited on the track. (All Photographs by Glyn Hill)

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