Metrolink win Operator of the Year

A couple of weeks ago we reported on some of the winners at the Global Light Rail Awards and now further information has been released which includes confirmation that Metrolink RATP Dev walked away with the major Operator of the Year accolade whilst Blackpool have also announced they won the Vision of the Year.

Manchester Metrolink replace Edinburgh Trams as the winner of the Operator of the Year and Chris Coleman, managing director of Metrolink RAPD Dev, was understandably delighted: “I’m enormously proud of the operational, engineering and management teams of Metrolink RATP Dev for doing so well at the Global Light Rail Awards. Winning Operator of the Year demonstrates the lengths our teams go to, in the service of passengers in Manchester. Our wins and commendations at the 2016 Global Light Rail Awards demonstrate how we’re constantly innovating to give Manchester a better tram system.”

Manchester Metrolink also won the Technical Innovation – Infrastructure award whilst Dave Skirrow, senior operations expansion manager won the Judges Special Award to mark his 36 years in light rail.

Meanwhile Blackpool Transport was recognised in the Vision of the Year category for the changes they’ve implemented especially in training their staff on disability awareness and caring about the people they serve each and every day.

Jane Cole, Blackpool Transport Managing Director, said: “We’re so pleased to have won this Highly Commended Award for Vision of the Year. We’ve been working hard to put the customer at the forefront of everything we do and have built a new team with the sole purpose of delivering a positive customer experience. It’s the work of the whole team alongside the customer experience team that makes me proud to say we’re now seeing the results of the hard work and dedication being put in to make Blackpool a better place to be”.

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2 Responses to Metrolink win Operator of the Year

  1. Frank Gradwell says:


    Shome mishtake there shurely!!!!

  2. Ken Walker says:

    The Manchester Evening News online issue today gives a possible indication as to why the passenger satisfaction level is so high,( which presumably means a low level of complaints). Aparently on a daily basis complaints about Manchester Metrolink are received via Twitter by Metrolink – in Los Angeles! Because people don’t bother to check the correct Twitter address or whatever you call it on Twitter, and send their complaints to Metrolink instead of MCRMetrolink!

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