In Pictures: Tramlink 2537’s Turkish Airlines advert

Back in August we reported on a new advert livery for Turkish Airlines on London Tramlink 2537 and now we can show you an image of this latest vinyl wrap livery. Over the past few years the application of advert liveries has been a controversial one with the use of contravision over the windows but this latest livery proves that it isn’t necessary as there isn’t a single piece of contravision! Retaining its standard livery on each end the tram features images of Turkey on the body.

2537 heads away from the camera at Arena whilst working from Beckenham Junction to West Croydon on 20th September. (Photograph by Gareth Prior)

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7 Responses to In Pictures: Tramlink 2537’s Turkish Airlines advert

  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    Good – one which has real windows. I hope this is how overall ads will be in the future.

  2. Nathan says:

    This looks good, should be a great ‘coup’ for tourism in the country. Nice to see they’ve ‘purged’ the windows of contravision too!


  3. David T says:

    I agree with Nigel. They are good to see and photograph but murder to see out of the windows. Perhaps someone should get a petition up to ban covered windows.

    • Richard Ernill says:

      I’ll support a ban. Many visitors and tourists actually want to look at the scenery from trams. They don’t all peer into their phones all day like Metrolink seem to think. Contravision is also a trigger for migraine in susceptible sufferers.

      • Raymond Luxury-Yacht says:

        So who are you going to ask to ‘ban’ contraction then? Personally I have no issue with it, I can see perfectly fine through Contravision, and if it brings in extra revenue for tram systems so much the better. On the frequently trumped health issues with it, is there actually any evidence to back these claims?

        • Richard Ernill says:

          Obviously you don’t get migraine!
          Mine is set off by strobes, flashing lights and flashing images,
          They can still put ads on trams but just leave the windows alone please.

  4. Peter Watts says:

    There are two different types of Contravision manufactured for public service vehicles. One has a 40% light transmission, the other has a 50% light transmission. In the UK we tend to use the 40% so that the adverts appear more dense in colour, yet in France it is the 50% which is favoured, giving a result not too much different from tinted glass used in buses / trams (which has a light transmission of between 60 and 70% depending on the heat qualities of the tinting).

    Personally neither really bothers me, as an added extra I am a migraine sufferer, and strong sunshine is one of my triggers. Migraine headaches are not an “exact science”, there are so many triggers which can be completely the opposite from one person to another.

    In today’s world there are too many “ban this, ban that, it is not good for you”. If you do not want to sit on a tram with Contravision, then let it go past and catch the next.

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