North Station extension clears another hurdle

The plan to build an extension of the Blackpool tramway running up Talbot Road to North Station has been approved at a full council meeting held on the evening of Wednesday 29th June. 26 councillors voted in favour of the extension being constructed, with just 11 opposing it. It was mostly the Labour party who ensured that the outcome was a positive one, with just one Conservative voting in favour of the proposals!

There has been some very vocal opposition to the tramway extension from local taxi drivers who are apparently concerned about the potential impact the trams will have on traffic congestion (so nothing to do with the increase competition then!?), and these views were echoed by Councillor Peter Callow who also voiced his worries that passing trams may disrupt funeral services at the church on Talbot Road! But these protests were ultimately in vain as a large majority voted in favour of the extension being built, using funds pledged by a local transport grant topped up by Council funding.

Deputy Council Leader Gillian Campbell said at the meeting: “Every town in the country that has a tramway or underground, operates it to meet with the major railway system, for example Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield, and there are clear advantages to this”. She also explained that measures were being taken to ensure that the actual construction works would be carefully planned so as to minimise the negative effects on the town, and discussed the potential benefits to all transport in having better integration.

There are of course still further hurdles to overcome before the extension can be formally approved and work can begin – but having Council support is a really important step forward and one that will hopefully ensure that the aim of having a tram service to North Station up and running by 2019 will become a reality.

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6 Responses to North Station extension clears another hurdle

  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    What a bizarre objection – don’t all the taxis crowding the street already disrupt funeral services at the church?

    • Edwin Newton says:

      There are no taxis blocking the road,nor taxi ranks.I echo councillor Peter Callows concerns and those of local residents but I am sure this has been allowed for in the planning.This church plays an important part in the Blackpool community.I think the greedy taxi drivers are a concern.They didn’t like it when I grabbed the holiday visitors coming off the excursion trains when I was “bagging” as a young kid.

  2. Paul D says:

    Is that the same Councillor Callow who sold himself as so ‘Pro-Tram’ when campaigning for the reinstatement of the Norbreck North stop??

  3. Christopher Callan says:

    The decision of the then Conservative administration under the then leader Clr Callow in 2011 to allow the points at North Pier were installed effectively future proofing the upgrade looks set to be vindicated. Despite his opposition last night (its a strange old world politics when not in power) hopefully history remembers his role in delivering this excellent scheme. Always been a rather curious character. Others have alluded to his obsession with Norbreck North and as predicted passengers using stop so far at best negligible.

  4. Ken Walker says:

    Why would the tram services disrupt funerals at the church? Do the undertakers’ vehicles park in the middle of the road? What about funerals at eg Fleetwood parish church? Are they disrupted by the trams? Looks a bit like clutching at straws to me.

    • Christopher Callan says:

      Understand Councillor Callow like sadly far to many councillors is effectively not fully up to speed with the state of play. The as I understand church simply sort re assurances based on artists impressions and looked to clarify in detail a few points and wanted to safeguard access. which can and will be fine tuned if required. plenty of space. They are not the only organisation to do that. Many of them get the response they want and move on quickly.

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