Third tram-train arrives in Sheffield

There are now three of the even tram-trains in the UK with 399 203 being delivered to Nunnery Square Depot in the early hours of Tuesday 28th June. The vehicle was then unloaded during the day before it finally touched Supertram metals in the early afternoon.

399 203 follows 399 201 and 399 202 in arriving in the UK and has now been moved into the workshops where it will undergo initial commissioning ahead of eventual testing and mileage accumulation work before it can be cleared for service. As things stand at the moment it is known that 201 has been used on test outside of the depot confines but there have not yet been any reports of 202 venturing out and about. It is not known when testing of the vehicles will be increased with so far the only reported appearances being during service closures overnight.

A further four of the tram-trains – being built by Vosloh in Valencia, Spain – are due to be delivered over the coming months.

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