New tram shelter for Sandhurst Avenue

The LRT platforms on the Blackpool tramway stop at Sandhurst Avenue (near Bispham) are currently the subject of some attention which should offer an improved environment for waiting passengers. The southbound stop has been devoid of a shelter for some time after the original structure was damaged in a storm but this now looks set to be replaced.

It is anticipated that this will just be the first of many shiny new tram shelters to appear across the tramway, those installed prior to the re-opening of the upgraded system in 2012 having not coped well with the punishing coastal climate. It is much hoped that the replacements will be rather more robust and help to smarten up the appearance of the stops whilst also serving their obvious purpose of providing shelter to intending passengers.

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1 Response to New tram shelter for Sandhurst Avenue

  1. Christopher Callan says:

    Good. The platform shelters were in a disgusting condition. Good to see the contractors are finally starting to be held to account for the substandard materials. Lets hope this marine grade steel lasts longer. Plenty more to go mind you would hope the works program increases in speed as dont wanted protracted stop closures.

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