Picture in Time: Great Orme Tramway 6

We go black and white for today’s Picture in Time image as we are heading to the North Wales coast for an image of Great Orme Tramway 6 over 50 years ago.

It is August 1963 and we see Great Orme Tramway 6 standing at the upper Halfway station with a full load of passengers anticipating the rest of their trip to the Summit. At this time the tram was carrying the very plain all blue livery with the legend Great Orme Railway as opposed to the familiar Great Orme Tramway we see today along with a more ornate livery. You may also just about be able to make out the communications overhead wire with the rear trolley pole raised to make contact. No power was taken from this overhead and it was only used for communication until a more modern radio system was introduced. In the background the Halfway shed can be seen – again a very different scene to that of today where a much more elaborate station and visitor centre can be found.

Photograph by Bob Hodges

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One Response to Picture in Time: Great Orme Tramway 6

  1. Joginder Singh says:

    Just thinking that when the next time the Great Orme Tramway needs a major upgrade or rebuild would it be worth converting it to a San Francisco Cable car type operation and extending it tp the sea front ?