A fitting farewell for 147

Blackpool Standard car 147 is set to travel to Beamish Museum shortly for a loan period which is expected to last for much of 2016, but before it departs the tram will enjoy one final outing on its native tracks. The car is due to appear as part of the heritage output on Saturday 27th February before being prepared for its first road journey since 2000.

147 has been a surprisingly common sight on the tramway of late, being used for the training of new volunteer platform staff. The tram is often a first choice as an enclosed trolley-fitted car, giving new recruits the chance to practice the fine art of turning a trolley pole! So far this year it has carried passengers just once, on the inaugural ‘Winter Gold’ running weekend last month, but will be used again subject to the usual caveats on 27th February. This could well be its final use in Blackpool this year (an odd thing to be saying about a Standard car in February!) and as such it is likely to be in high demand with enthusiasts that day.

Joining 147 in action on Saturday 27th February – subject to availability – should be Twin set 272+T2, Ex-Towing car 680, Balloons 715 and 717, and the illuminated Western Train 733+734. Sunday 28th February’s provisional output consists of Box 40, Brush car 631, Centenary car 648, Twin set 675+685, Balloon 723 and Western Train 733+734 again. As always this could change and there may well be some surprises, but as things currently stand the above list shows which trams are likely to run on each day.

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