Tramlink welcomes 2563 to town

Early on Sunday 6th December another low loader with a tram on the back arrived at its new home. This time the lucky recipients were London Tramlink with 2563 the tram being delivered to their Therapia Lane Depot.

2563 is the fourth of the second batch of Stadler Variobahn and completes the current order although will it will not be the last tram to arrive in Croydon from Germany. That honour will fall to 2556 which was returned to Germany in September for repairs following damage to its roof although there is no indication of just when this may be returned.

The latest arrival will now start the lengthy commissioning process before it is cleared for an entry into service. Currently of this second batch of Stadlers only 2560 has entered service with the other members still being commissioned.

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One Response to Tramlink welcomes 2563 to town

  1. Tony O'Dell says:

    2562 was running in service today (8th December) on route 2. 2561 was at the Wimbledon end of the depot yard. Presumably 2563 was in the shed, although I couldn’t see it.