48 hour strike on DLR to start 3rd November

The RMT have called a 48 hour strike on the Docklands Light Railway from 0359 on Tuesday 3rd November which is likely to see a complete suspension of all services on the network. The RMT have said there has been a complete breakdown in industrial relations with Keolis Amey Docklands and that they have no alternative but to strike.

The official RMT website states that 92% voted to strike (although it isn’t clear whether this is 92% of all who were balloted or 92% of those who responded to the ballot) with a higher percentage voting in favour of action short of a strike. The reasons given for needing to strike are:

* The use of agency staff on P-Way operations

* Further abuses of the use of agency staff elsewhere within the DLR network

* Undermining the position of Control Centres, stores and other grades effectively casualising key functions

* A creeping culture of bullying and intimidation of staff being allowed to develop

* Breaches of agreements, procedures and the recognition framework

They have also accused Keolis Amey Docklands of being one of the “most cheapskate and anti-union companies in the transport sector” and that they have “no option” but to go on strike.

It is expected that no services will run on Tuesday 3rd or Wednesday 4th November and that there could be a delay to the start of services on Thursday 5th November (the RMT have instructed their members not to sign on at work again until 0358 on that morning which may cause early services not to run as normal).

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