8 launched in new livery at Seaton Extravaganza

After a year without a gala at the Seaton Tramway a Weekend Extravaganza returned to the calendar in 2012, this time it being a joint event with the Yeovil Railway Centre and Pecorama at nearby Beer. The main highlight of the event for the tramway was the launch of number 8 in a new Bristol blue and white livery – this taking place on the first day of the two day Extravaganza on Saturday 23rd June.

Previously number 8 had been in a bright pink livery having been the first “pink” tram at Seaton but with this role now having been transferred to 11 it was decided to paint the tram in new colours and the smart Bristol blue and white livery was the very pleasing
result. Local MP Neil Parish was on hand to help launch the tram which after launch entered service as an extra to help the tramway operate an intensive service.

Over the course of the two day event only two trams didn’t carry passengers with number 7
remaining stored in the depot awaiting overhaul and number 19 which is currently receiving repairs to its gears.

On Saturday 23rd June as well as 8 being launched into service the highlight was the end of service cavalcade from Colyton to Seaton which included all available trams including Works Vehicle 02. The main service cars on this day were 9, 10, 11 and 12 with 2, 6 and 17 initially being the service extras with 8 joining these after its launch running in a pair with 6, 4, 14 and 16 all ran in passenger service at the end of the day as part of the Cavalcade with 4 having being used for a press trip for the launch of 8 earlier in the day and 16 was on the TDEs. Once the main activities of the day had been concluded 10 was used on an evening Bird Watching Trip with 9, 10 and 16 on evening specials to Colyton for the Neil Diamond Tribute act.

The following day saw several extra activities take place with 2 used on a photographer’s special, 4 on a sidings tour, 6 on Depot Visits (running between Seaton terminus and Riverside Depot only) and 16 was again on the TDEs. The four main service cars were 8, 9, 10 and 11 with the service extras initially being 12, 14 and 17 although the latter was replaced by 6 later on in the day.

The team at Seaton can be congratulated for an excellent event with the work undertaken on 8 making it the pride of the fleet (and in this writer’s opinion making a vast improvement on its previous pink livery!)

* A Photo Gallery from event will be added to British Trams Online in the next few weeks (just when it is added is dependent on my work commitments!) In the meantime enjoy the 3 images provided below.

8 is officially launched by local MP Neil Parish at Riverside depot on Saturday 23rd June 2012. (Photo: Mike Poole)


8 departs Colyton with the final departure of the day on Sunday 24th June. (Photo: James Blythe)

And this is what the big events at Seaton are all about! A packed scene at the Seaton terminus with seven trams visible. From left to right: 6, 16, 10, 12, 02, 14 and 4. (Photo: Irvine Cresswell)


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  1. don tuckfield says:

    all we need now is a model of this tram,hopeful.