Metrolink delays after car gets stuck on Airport line

It seems that some motorists in Greater Manchester are never going to get the hang of reserved tram track as another car got stuck on the tracks at Barlow Moor Road on Friday 31st July causing delays for Metrolink services once again. The car managed to find its way on the tracks shortly before 1300 leading to all services between Cornbrook and Manchester Airport being suspended for almost an hour and a half as the vehicle was removed.  Photos on the Manchester Evening News website show that the car managed to get some way along the reserved track passing several No Entry signs on posts and also the “Tram Only” lettering on the road surface.

In other news from Manchester Metrolink the start of the school holidays has seen an increase in the number of reports of stone throwing incidents with the Oldham, East Didsbury and Airport lines all being targeted. Over a three day period during the first week of the school holidays five trams had to be taken out of service when struck by stones between Failsworth and Hollinwood. The disappointing thing about these incidents is that it has been discovered that the individuals involved are all aged between 10 and 13. The Police will be visiting the parents of these youths so hopefully this will be a stop to at least these children throwing objects at trams.

A further incident also took place near Chorlton when a brick was thrown through a window of a double tram causing damage although fortunately no injuries were reported although that is probably down to more luck than anything else. And there are still a long four weeks left of the summer holidays…

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8 Responses to Metrolink delays after car gets stuck on Airport line

  1. Steve Hyde says:

    The MEN article seems to have been inaccurate (surprise surprise!). From the accompanying photograph the car was stuck on the approach to the Mersey Viaduct having gained access to the right of way from Hardy Lane not Barlow Moor Road.

  2. Geoff, Isle of Man says:

    In your third paragraph, I suspect that “…a brick was thrown from a window of a double tram…” should read “…THROUGH a window…” : at least, I hope so! Otherwise, it would seem that Metrolink passengers are joining the ranks of the mindless yobs.

  3. Ralph Oakes-Garnett says:

    I travel on the Ashton line a lot. Unfortunately in the evenings most occasions I use this line the journey is marred by yobbish behaviour particularly the stretch between Audenshaw and Edge Lane. Same goeson the Oldham Line around Failsworth. I have complained in writing. There are never any Metrolink staff around at these times apart from the driver. What concerns me is that many are going to be reluctant to ride on these lines in the evenings in the future. I did mention earlier on this site that there was an agreement with the Police initially. I am aware I said BTP and not GMP however despite my mistake in the Police force used the outcome was the same, the contract finished. I received a very detailed response to my complaint which looked very professional but just hilighted the fact that most in the complaints department are divorced from the reality on the ground. I would suggest they make a few trips after 7pm on the worst lines and see for themselves what the public and their drivers have to put up with.

    • David Butterworth says:

      I totally agree and have had to endure similar loutish behaviour on those routes as well. I have emailed similar comments to the Metrolink contact page recently and received a reply and an apology that such incidents are not the norm, but I disagree. The trouble is that children and youths like to show off and use the handrails and straps to have a workout – something which they should leave to the gym. When unsupervised they have no self control nor sensitivity to the needs of other passengers. They are loud mouthed, generally unpleasant and really they should be ‘turfed off’ the trams as their behaviour is unacceptable. These individuals are the products of poor discipline at home and at school; they just get away with any activity because there are no sanctions nor deterrents. I’m afraid things will not change unless the Metrolink system is better policed, with a staff inspector or two on board the trams from, say from 8 pm to midnight, for the peace of mind and dare I say, security for other passengers.

      It can be quite intimidating to be seated close to trouble makers; the only way out is to try and avoid them, by moving to another carriage, for example.

      • Ken Walker says:

        And coupled with the item on the Manchester Evening News website yesterday where a passenger secretly filmed and recorded 2 Metrolink managers on a tram discussing the dire shortage of drivers and the decimating effect it would have if they called a strike or overtime ban, I think there could be major problems just round the corner if this problem isn’t tackled soon, before they start refusing to work overtime on the problem routes.

  4. Mike Stone says:

    Going back to the question of cars driving down tram tracks – surely the answer is to grass the reserved sections – different UK electrical requirements is nonsense as Edinburgh manage. On a related question why can’t I have some tramway grass for my lawn as it doesn’t seem to require cutting?

  5. Frank Gradwell says:

    Customer experience – could not agree more – intimdating, unpleasant, unsavoury, and unsupervised with bye laws unenforced.

    Cars on lines – Metrolink complacently point to signage as if the problem is not occurring. Dear Metrolink – some car drivers both do not read signs or even have licences to drive. Set up deterrent paving to stop cars accessing the lines without actual damage or at least a severe shaking up – and it would not cost the earth!

    And please – after the experience of waiting an hour for my daughter to “bridge the gap” from Exchange Quay to the east side last night – look again at the St Peters Square farce. A transport network Metrolink certainly is not.

  6. Erik Ickerbobs says:

    1) Why did preteens cause Metrolink incidents?
    2) When I was coming home on a 348 bus a high school boy threw a stone at the bus.

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