In Pictures: Progress on Hull 96

It has been a while since we provided an update on progress with the restoration work being undertaken on Hull 96 at Manchester’s Heaton Park Tramway, so to rectify this here are a few images showing some of the recent work which has been carried out. After seemingly months of having various bits taken off it, it is pleasing to see many fittings are now being put back on and the tram is looking much more presentable again as a result.

Work on the body is now at an advanced stage with the panels being filled and primed. A professional painter will apply the top coats once work is sufficiently advanced for this to occur, although some further preparation will be required first. Internally work is also progressing nicely, a notable development being the re-fitting of the wooden bench seats, a task carried out to a very high standard by some of the tramway’s younger volunteers. The platform steps have been rebuilt and various small parts are being cleaned and painted. Polishing of various brasswork continues to keep other volunteers busy, and even provides regular homework! No doubt all of this painstaking work will be seen as worthwhile when the tram finally returns to service, a highly anticipated event due to take place in October. This is now even more anticipated by the work force after the appearance in the tram depot of a Hull tram coat-of-arms, and although this was brought to be copied the opportunity was taken to stick this to 96‘s rocker panels on one side, giving a tantalising glimpse of how the tram will look with its crests adding greatly to what will no doubt be a stunning paint job.

A recent shunting exercise to release Stockport 5 from the back of Middleton Road depot required Hull 96 to be brought outside, giving a good impression of how well work on the tram is progressing. (Photo by Alex Gray)

The roof of Hull 96 is being repainted having been re-sealed and this is shown in this view of the car taken within the confines of the depot's workshop area. The trolley base is also looking good for some attention.

A Hull Corporation crest in place on 96's side panels to give an impression of how it will look when finished - and give the workers a bit of motivation in the form of another goal to work towards! (Photos x 2 by Martin Bryan)

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