101 M5000s

Cruella De Vil may well be interested in Manchester Metrolink now following the delivery of the 101st M5000 to Queens Road Depot. 3101 arrived in the usual Saturday lunchtime slot on 4th July having made its way across Europe via Hull. It was then moved into the workshops where it will undergo commissioning and mileage accumulation works. All recent deliveries have joined the non-ATS/VRS fleet at Trafford but with the line through St Peter’s Square closed this will be unable to happen immediately so it remains to be seen when 3101 enters service. Obviously when 3101 enters service it will have received its spots…

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5 Responses to 101 M5000s

  1. Ken Walker says:

    A trip from New Islington to Milnrow on Thursday evening found at least 3 of the Non-ATS/VRS trams working the Ashton / Rochdale route, 3072 and 3087 were 2, I think 3080 was the other, (there may have been others between New Islington and Ashton at the time) so obviously some of them are based at Queens Road until the line reopens at the end of August. So maybe that will be where 3101 enters service.
    Also, the service I caught was a double tram and the next 2 services were also shown to be doubles on the screens, whereas TfGM had stated that single trams would be serving this route.

  2. tram man says:

    Yes Ken a few T.M.S. only trams were transferred to queens road in exchange for A.T.S trams before the blockade started.Because the blockade has another six weeks to run 3101 will more than likely enter service from queens road.

  3. Mick Ball says:

    On Saturday 17th July 3100 was on the stabling roads of Old Trafford and
    3101 was outside Queens Road depot. 3092 was one of just ten we didn’t see. I presume it is inside Old Trafford depot after it’s derailment. All doors of OT depot were open and it appeared only 2 trams were inside.
    3079 was at the country end on the road nearest the running lines and another at the city end of the second road from the running lines. Does anyone know if this was 3092.

  4. tram man says:

    Mick,in answer to your question 3092 is presently inside Trafford workshop on the jacking road which is in the middle of five road.A refurbished trailer bogie was sent over from queens road and changed in the week.Of course while its been stood in Trafford depot it has become the lastest vehicle to be robbed of bits to get other trams back on the road.
    3100 has not got of to a good start really,it failed on its first day in service then was given to the training department just so it could get a few more miles under its belt.Then it failed again on its first day back in service.