Picture in Time: Stagecoach Supertram 104 & 121

We head back to Sheffield for our latest “Picture in Time” feature as we show not one but two trams in action on the – by now – Stagecoach Supertram network in 2000.

For the first three years of operation the South Yorkshire Supertram network was run by South Yorkshire Supertram Limited (which was owned by the South Yorkshire PTE) but at the end of 1997 this was sold to Stagecoach and they have remained the operators of the network ever since. With the system now more commonly known as Stagecoach Supertram the new operators set to work at putting their trams into a new livery which was mainly white with three stripes under the windows in orange, red and blue.

This view on a wet day in 2000 at Cathedral shows 121 departing for Malin Bridge and 104 approaching on its way to Halfway, both Blue route services. This was the first of three Stagecoach liveries to be carried on the trams so far.

Photograph by Nigel Pennick

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