All trams stop at Starr Gate on 21st June!

Somewhat later than expected, Blackpool Transport have announced details of plans for their gold heritage tram running day tomorrow (Sunday 21st June). Unfortunately no detailed timetable has been released this time, but details are now available regarding the planned tram output and frequency of the service which will include a number of full length journeys from Starr Gate to Fleetwood!

The six trams provisionally scheduled to run on 21st June are Standard 147, Brush Railcoach 631, Centenary car 648, Balloons 715 and 717, and – making a welcome return after a short absence due to electrical faults – Twin set 272+T2. These green and cream trams will provide a rough twenty minute service from Starr Gate where, for the first time ever on the public heritage tours, a temporary loading stop will be provided so that passengers can get on and off at this novel location. It may be remembered that, although the heritage tours were extended south last year for the Totally Transport event, boarding and alighting at Starr Gate terminus was not permitted although an extra stop was located at Harrowside instead to serve the main attractions at that event. As this day is expected to be the only occasion that the general public can ride on the heritage fleet to the southern terminus, hopefully it should be an excellent day even though the weather forecast does not look quite as promising as might have been hoped for!

The frequent departures from Starr Gate will usually run to Bispham or Little Bispham, but in addition a large number of tours to Fleetwood will operate throughout the day. These are timed to depart from the temporary heritage tram stop at Starr Gate at 1005, 1105, 1205, 1305, 1405, 1505, 1555 and 1610 giving lots of opportunities for a really long tram ride. We hope to see many of our readers there!

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  1. Gordon says:

    The wife & I had a fantastic weekend 20th/21st! Weather actually better than originally forecast helped! But so did the camaraderie shown by all concerned, in the operation, & great to finish off with a through Starr Gate to Fleetwood run. Congrats to those concerned!

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