Final push for Dudley & Stourbridge 5 overhaul

The Black Country Living Museum are making a final call to raise funds to complete the overhaul of Dudley & Stourbridge 5 with just £4,000 needed to finish the work. The Tividale tram has been receiving an extensive overhaul at the Llangollen Railway since February 2012 and finally the finishing line is in sight.

Built in the 1920s no. 5 was originally restored back to working order in the 1970s and was the only operational tram on the line at the Black Country Living Museum for 20 years before it was withdrawn from service with similar tram Wolverhampton & District 34 having been restored and taking up the mantle. The tram remained at the Museum stored outside for a number of years before the decision was made to send it to Wales for a full overhaul/restoration.

Over the past three years work has been ongoing in the workshops at the Llangollen Railway and now just £4,000 is required to finish the work. The Black Country Living Museum are urging anyone who can to donate some money towards the project via the following link: Here is just what your donation could contribute to:

£20 would pay for new glass in one of the 22 windows

£100 would refurbish a seat

£1000 would pay for one of the 8 wheels and its accompanying motor

The tramway at the Black County Living Museum is currently closed but work is now underway for trams to return to action later this year with initially Wolverhampton & District 34 and Wolverhampton 49 available to run services but hopefully before too long no. 5 will be back carrying passenger once again.


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  1. Paul D says:

    8 Wheels??

    • Gareth Prior says:

      I just repeated the information on the Black Country Living Museum post – I had presumed they knew what they were talking about!

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