In Pictures: Manchester Metrolink in the snow

Sheffield was not the only UK tramway to be hit by snow this week with Manchester Metrolink also seeing a slight covering but this caused very few problems for the service. Steve Kemp went out with his camera to take a selection of images at Sale Water Park alongside the M60 showing the M5000s making light work of the snow.

3086 heads for Cornbrook.

3062 passes the camera on its way to Cornbrook.

Another view of 3062.

3066 rounds the curve as it too makes its way to Cornbrook.

Our final view sees 3064 with a service for Manchester Airport. (All Photos by Steve Kemp, 29th January 2015)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Manchester Metrolink in the snow

  1. daodao says:

    There was substantially more snow in the Rochdale-Shaw area on 21/1/15, but the tramway seemed to cope well, and there were staff at the key stations keeping the platforms as clear of snow as possible.

  2. tram man says:

    For all the negative press Metrolink usually get,they actually did pretty well this time.As far as I know there were no major disruptions to the service.Even on the Oldham/Rochdale there were no reported issues.

    Just goes to show you cannot predict how the weather is going to affect the system,as it was only just before Christmas when the whole system was shutdown all morning due to adverse weather.

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