Manchester Metrolink M5000s update

Although most attention on Metrolink is concentrated towards the departure of the T68 and T68A fleet for scrapping the M5000 fleet continues to expand with vehicles being delivered, entering service as well as the application of the very first all over advert on one of the class.

On the delivery front LRVs up to 3092 have now been delivered to Manchester with both 3090 and 3091 now in service. 3090 was the first to enter service when it ran with passengers for the first time in early November and this was soon followed by the delivery of 3091 which touched Metrolink metals for the first time at Queens Road Depot on 8th November. 3091 then entered service on 21st November before 3092 joined the Metrolink family the following day. Both 3090 and 3091 have joined the non ATS/VRS fleet, the same as all recent additions to the operating fleet.

Meanwhile 3045 has become the first M5000 ever, and only the second Metrolink LRV, to receive a full advertising livery. Entering service on 10th November 3045 carries a full vinyl wrap advert for Selfridges Manchester, although the ends have been left in standard Metrolink livery. It is expected that this livery will remain in situ until the end of the year considering it is a Christmas promotion. The only LRV to previously carry a full vinyl wrap livery was T68 1015 which received a special livery for the “Get our Metrolink Back on Track” campaign whilst 1003 of course spent a period of time with centre adverts.

A view along the side of 3045 in its new all over advert for Selfridges Manchester. (Photo: Keith Chadbourne)

3045 is seen here at Altrincham on 27th November with the advert seen to full effect. (Photo: Harold Hull)

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3 Responses to Manchester Metrolink M5000s update

  1. John Myring says:

    3092 is already in service – seen on the Eccles line yesterday evening

  2. tram man says:

    M5000s are now entering service with less and less “mileage accumulation” on commissioning.3090 entered service with just 205km on the clock.A interesting fact regarding mileage.The early M5000s which are approx five years old and have more or less clocked up 500.000 km,which is pretty much the same as the old T68.So that puts them on track for Two Million miles in twenty years.

  3. Erik Ickerbobs says:

    Not yet seen 3092 or 3045 in its advert. Tough next year. Better see it before it’s too late!

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