Car in collision with tram on Metrolink Airport line

Manchester Metrolink services on the newly opened Airport extension were suspended for approximately an hour after a car collided with a LRV at Wendon Road on Friday 28th November. The Manchester Evening News reported that this was the third time in a week that a car had managed to find itself on the tracks on the extension although the previous two had not seen a collision.

It has not been confirmed exactly as to how the Audi had managed to get onto the tracks but the Police had to attend the incident, which happened at around 1830, and whilst an investigation was undertaken services were only able to run Cornbrook to Roundthorn and from Airport to Robinswood. No-one was reported as injured in the collision.

Unfortunately it seems that it is inevitable that when a new tram line opens it is followed by several incidents of car drivers somehow getting confused and going for a drive along the tracks but hopefully as time goes on these incidents will get fewer.

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  1. Ken Walker says:

    According to the Metrolink website the airport line is again disrupted tonight due to a car on the line at Barlow Moor Road, with services from the airport turning back at Northern Moor.

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