Nottingham Express Transit Citadis trams: deliveries complete!

Another major milestone has been reached in the extension of Nottingham Express Transit with the arrival of the last of the 22 strong class of Citadis trams from Spain. It is understood that the last of the trams – numbered 237 (or at least it will be eventually as it was delivered with the number 022 to signify it was the 22nd tram of the order) – was delivered to Wilkinson Street late last week but an official ceremony was due to take place on Monday 24th November involving NET and Alstom staff to mark the occasion.

Five of the trams have already entered service (believed to be 216221) with the remaining 17 not expected to carry their first passengers until the expanded network to Beeston, Chilwell and Clifton opens early next year. Although they will not enter passenger service until next year they will be used for testing and commissioning (and indeed some have already been seen out on the rails) and this should be extended to the new lines “soon”.

Terence Watson, Alstom UK President, said: “We’re delighted to have delivered the final Citadis for Nottingham, especially as the Citadis trams, which have been specially customised in the distinct and stylish NET tram brand, are becoming a more common sight on the city’s streets. The process of testing the Citadis and getting them into service is going extremely well and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the city.”

Cllr Jane Urquhart, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transport at Nottingham City Council, added: “It’s a great sight to see the last of the new fleet of the 22 new Citadis trams has arrived for the expanded network. We wanted the best possible trams for Nottingham and that’s exactly what the Citadis is, a sleek success that has been the tram of choice for national capitals and leading cities around the world. Passengers have been able to enjoy some of the first of the new trams already as they have supplemented services on Line One, and the delivery of the final tram is another big step towards the new lines to Clifton and Chilwell opening next year.”

All of the Citadis trams will be named and so far 216 (Julie Poulter), 217 (Carl Froch), 218 (Jim Taylor) and, previously unreported, 219 (Alan Sillitoe) have received name stickers.

* Can you help? Many of the later deliveries of the Citadis trams seem to have snuck in without many people noticing and as a result we are lacking the delivery dates for 229, 230 and 233-237. Is there anyone who can let us know these delivery dates so we can update the Fleet List?

218 passes the River Leen on its way towards Highbury Vale on 3rd October 2014. (Photo: Gareth Prior)

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4 Responses to Nottingham Express Transit Citadis trams: deliveries complete!

  1. Steve Willson says:

    Not sure if this helps with your delivery dates query, but I saw an NET tram on the the M1 heading north on 39th Oct. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to identify it. I did post it at the time but found it stuck in my outbox the other day. Seemed a bit late to resend but perhaps, given the question, it’s of use?

  2. John Gilbert says:

    These trams look very stylish, as indeed we are used to seeing in continental cities. I wonder whether they are able to round sharp curves without groaning and juddering, e.g. particularly that near Wilkinson Street depot? Let’s hope so.

  3. Mark Andrew Pardoe says:

    It’s nice to see the new trams are being name. I do hope one will be named for Jimmy Sirrell, Notts County’s greatest manager. After all, 215 has the name “Brian Clough”, the former manager of Nottingham’s other team.

  4. Steve Willson says:

    Oops, just seen the typo in my earlier message – should say 29th Oct!

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