Consultation launched for new Croydon loop line

Transport for London have started a public consultation into the proposed new loop line near East Croydon which it is hoped would increase the capacity of the Tramlink network and would also help support the redevelopment of the old Whitgift Centre site in central Croydon. There is a long-term aspiration to increase capacity in Croydon by 36% so that an extra 1600 passengers could be carried per hour in each direction.

It is planned that the loop line will be constructed in the New Town area of Croydon with three options being put forward for the exact alignment. Each option will see a line built between Wellesley Road and George Street with slight differences:

* Option 1: the route will run for approximately 500 metres along Dingwall Road from the junction with George Street. It will then turn into Landsdowne Road (where a new tramstop will be constructed) before rejoining the current Tramlink route on Wellesley Road.

* Option 2: In effect a reverse of option 2 with trams running clockwise along Landsdowne Road (again a stop will be constructed here) before turning into Dingwall Road and back onto George Street. This option would mean all eastbound trams through central Croydon will not serve Wellesley Road stop with this stop only seeing trams which are terminating in Croydon and using the loop (so trams from Wimbledon would avoid the Wellesley Road stop but would instead use Landsdowne Road)

* Option 3: A longer version of option 1 with trams leaving the current line at the junction of George Street and Dingwall Road and then running for 800 metres. It will then turn into Sydenham Road, where a new stop will be built, before rejoining the current line in Wellesley Road.

The consultation is open until 14th December 2014 and is seeking the views of local residents and businesses to both the principal of the line and also for their preferred option. Full details of the proposed routes can be found at, which also contains information on how you can give your views.

Alex Williams, TfL’s Director of Borough Planning, said: “Croydon has very ambitious town centre redevelopment plans, which will need improved transport infrastructure to make sure people can get around the area easily. We want to hear local people’s views on these proposals which have been developed closely with both Croydon Council and the Mayor’s Office to help support this growth.”

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6 Responses to Consultation launched for new Croydon loop line

  1. David Bradley says:

    Link does not work

  2. Nigel Pennick says:

    This is good news after the stalled attempts to extend to Crystal Palace and Sutton, a step onwards from the doubling of track on the Wimbledon line and extending the bay at Wimbledon Station.

  3. John Gilbert says:

    All very well; but you know the glacial and uncaring speed at which British bureaucracy works. When will the rails begin to be laid; as far as I am concerned that is what counts!!!

  4. James Palma says:

    I am not entirely sure of the purpose of the new loop other than to serve the new development.

    I envision that this will mean a reduction of services around the town loop.

    When i used to work on croydon trams wellesley road stop was always busy for passengers from the town loop going to the home office, the shopping centre and George street and people wanting to travel east. I suggest it needs to be retained no matter what the proposals.

    I know what the consultation says but think this is only a commercial factor under section 106 of the town and country planning act.

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