Heritage tramways look forward to more anniversaries

Two operating heritage tramways in the UK are already making very early plans to celebrate key anniversaries in their histories next year. 2015 marks the 60th anniversary of the formation of the Tramway Museum Society, who are planning to suitably celebrate this milestone at Crich Tramway Village in September, whilst the Birkenhead tramway will also be 20 years old next summer.

2014 was a fantastic year at Crich in many ways with many highlights provided by the major event to mark 50 years of electric tramcar operation at the home of the National Tramway Museum. Far from taking a breather however, another two-day enthusiast event is already lined up for the weekend of 19th & 20th September, this time celebrating 60 years since the Tramway Museum Society was officially created. This was a huge turning point in tram preservation history and therefore it has been decided to hold another full weekend of events, rather than return to the single day of previous years. No details have yet been revealed regarding the nature of this event except that it is intended to ‘showcase the collection creating unique photo opportunities’. If this proves to be even half as ambitious as ‘Electric 50’ was then this could well turn out to be one of the key tramway events of 2015 and should be well worth attending based on the quality of previous enthusiast-based events held at Crich.

Meanwhile, the Birkenhead tramway is also looking to celebrate its own 20th anniversary with a special event at some point during 2015. It was back in 1994 that the Hong Kong built car 70 inaugurated the public tram service on the short heritage line, and as such any planned event will presumably feature this tram. However, the presence of Birkenhead 20 should also provide the perfect tramcar to play a major role at any such ‘Birkenhead 20’ event! Ideas for possible events are still in the very early stages of discussion, but with the launch of Liverpool 245 expected in the spring following a number of delays, this will provide the potential opportunity to run seven different trams at Birkenhead next year.

Recent years have proved that many different locations have been able to put on great tram events with no one tramway being the sole focal point of attention, and the omens look good that this will continue in 2015 to the benefit of all.

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