‘Classic London’ event for Crich

Crich Tramway Village have confirmed that it will be hosting a special London themed event (its third in four years) next summer, primarily to celebrate the return to service of London County Council 106. This tram has been undergoing an extensive body and mechanical overhaul in the museum workshop for over a year which is now approaching completion.

This event should provide the first ever opportunity to sample four very different London trams in operation together at Crich, all of which hail from different operators from the capital city – LCC 106, London United Tramways 159, Metropolitan 331 and London Transport 1622. These are expected to be joined by other historic vehicles from the city to add to the atmosphere. The museum’s website states that ‘the Classic London Event will showcase both the workshops and curatorial work in restoration with reference to individual tramcars in the collection’, presumably referencing the current restoration of London County Council 1.

‘Classic London’ will be held on 13th & 14th June 2015 and forms part of the early confirmed events calendar for Crich next year, although thus far no specific enthusiast-orientated events have been announced (hopefully these will follow later!). Most of what has been announced so far involves family activities for school holidays as well as the usual war-related events, ‘Beside the Seaside’ and the popular Starlight Specials. Full details can be found at www.tramway.co.uk

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